May 13, 2008

Mass Produced- Life @ Gowtham

Confusion crept in to the inner of my thoughts. At an age when maturity was scared away by the enormous number of opportunities to choose from, I needed an opinion of mine. After passing tenth, i was not sure to take up which path to my destination. Whole thing appeared spherical to me. where ever I started, I ended up in same place I started of course after roaming through a vast effort of futility. I crawled into a residential college to pursue my intermediate not knowing for sure that it was an outcome of my conscious thinking. Reasons are no more needed as I found myself soon enough, in an assembly line to become a good ranker in SATs. Like the followers seeking their sage's knowledge, I along with similar minds and bodies crawled in and crawled out of classes took by highly paid teachers. Not sure whether it wsa a wretched life or a pious one as it depends on your consciousness of choice which itself was quite in blur. Some of us learned to see moon through the darkest of windows. But some found shadows in the darkness. We, for our ability of imagination, were labeled ELITE and for the same imagination on the counter end, they were in the bottom of stack. Though, most of SATs are objective, students reaction to such kind of preparation is subjective and it depends on individual. I am sure that atleast a few in the last sections would have done well, if not faced such a concentrated competition. Parents don't realise that they are selling off two years of their loved child's life to a institute that has produced last year's top ranker.

I started as a part of last but one section in the institute and fortunately crawled to the first after a test taht was proved to change people's life so much. The better the section, the better the freedom you get. Even the best of the freedom doesnot afford to know quite about the person who sleeps next to you in dorm, if not about his problem solving skills. It was most unlikely that a person's mind is big enough to contain any thought other than getting good marks in the imminent test. Who said there is no compulsory millitary training in India? It has its presence in the form of preparation for SATs, after tenth. In a elite batch, its more often seen that a person gets technically loaded day by day but far from his realisation, he is losing grip on what he ought to enjoy or see in that stage/age of life. Whatever achieved from restrain is shortlived.

Moreover, management divides students in terms of their focussed ability to solve questions. To a student in last section, the whole scenario boils down to the one where his parents are paying money to feed the better performers while their parents are reaping the benefits of incessant scholarship. To make the situation even worse, highly paid lecturers takes classes only to top students. For management, its more important to mint out their brand ambassadors out of good performing students to attract crowd in future. "Work hard for two years. And you can enjoy whole of your remaining life" That's the sentence they chant out loud to their children in Intermediate.

By the end of two years, I felt like a frog in a well. Other than a good rank holder, I was no more interested in myself. And that two years, I can never forget for they made undelible imppression. But on the brighter side, I have good number of friends who shared that life with me.

Apr 8, 2008

An Era, worth living for, worth dying [passing out] for and worth going to hell [life outside nitd, after life] for….

If Achari ate up and Arun drank away the time in job treat and farewell respectively, now this is my time to fill out the pages in gulti year book. My dear juniors you have to go through this pain for giving me a chance to write and you earned it. They are not buried fathoms deep in our thoughts and I hope them to be on surface forever, the memories of NIT Durgapur. I never cared where our college stood in rankings nor I cared for the profiles of faculty, its the sheer fun we had in our college life that mattered. And another batch got ready to get deported from the world of freedom into the stereotype normal boring awkwardly “responsible” life. I will probably share some funny but interesting moments at NITD, though they are not well kept secrets

Here is my interestingly boring story......
Like many confused kids out there, I tried making a meaning out of jumbled choices that were open to me after my rigorous intermediate intellectual slaughter. The outcome was me thrown in NIT Durgapur. This turned to be my best choice after four years. On the day, I reached durgapur first time in my life, I met a guy in station, well dressed and guntur mannered and later happened to be my room-metta for two years. He has a way with people with his babai mantra and funny tales of native palnadu . With his eternally violent theories and exotic dances, more audience like the lazy bhasku and cool sandy were entertained. Ravichand's “twist”ed humour appealed more over scorpioic bhaddu's self claimed one [Though self claimed its okay for a reader's digest thing]. Nara babu's “True Lies” are so convincing, that even we believed that he don’t lie at all. Chotu is really the funny one, though unfortunately his good will was hurt by the misuse of words by his grand son. In first semester, little those names suri and moses suggest among us, apart from being colleagues in ragging sessions. They used to live serenely together alone in a different world Hall-8 [it existed, but not anymore] outside the campus. How am I going to miss this salil, looks really attractive, qualified to be kissed? And these are our bunch of guys. I miss those days, we used to stroll in the dark bliss [I love those power-cuts] before exams. How come one forget ravichand’s weird reasons for a forgotten egg in dinner and anil da’s puri paise-- The silly secrets of me and bhaddu which made us laugh up to our ass – Most importantly, the “violent patience” of bhasku towards me playing with his chubby cheeks-- Chotu’s sutras and suttas of life. What happens if all these pungent characters clash in real drama in room 223@hall-2? Answer being fierce fights sometime may be its physical [remember the day we chased bhaddu like a mouse and finally got him in bathroom screaming]. “Saamuhika sollu” is really a cool idea for gulties in first year while they are not equipped with modern equipment [now its different, people land in college with lappies ]. And a computer entered my life and out room. Do you know an entertainment club? If no, go back in time and peep into our room@hall2 in 2003. The day before exams? Lets' look at syllabus and cram up the subjects’ codes and names, that's the best we could do in that much short time. Somehow, we did well and came to know about a culture in NITs. The hard reality is that if you get good grades, you are no more socially invited into groups. Majority is right!! And who give reservation to these minorities? And second sem passed away with me and chari turning our room little sane but loved the fun offered by college in forms of festivals. As always, ignorance is a bliss, but its a dangerous investment to put more time on it. One day, we all came to know about GRE, higher studies, jobs and hell lot of things that we could not digest. The ugliest thing is that we only know the names not their meanings and dreamed that they are not for us. Though it may seem silly, but without INTERNET in college, people got to know a little. With the third year split, people pursued their interests with somewhat strange seriousness. And I went on to a different wing to chase away the possibilities of me being a real engineer. With seniors support, I already tried and burned my hands dirty with some project stuff. During this serious stuff , our gulti get-to-gathers and our weekly day-outs to city center affected a bit but not gone completely.

So, in third year, I landed in a wing of guys later well known as Roboconquerors. That was fun for two years full of games and fun life. I still remember how I got P in control systems being an AOC addict.. I am into some good electronics and computing stuff and enjoyed doing it for a while. I strongly believe that I did some bench marking in that issue. A couple of treats a week and memorable events made our whole final year hardly attending any class. And then its almost placement time, the time to experiment. Experiment doesn't give premeditated results and I am out of college with apparently no good job. I never really wanted to settle down as a management trainee and I am not. That's basically an era....

Struggle in after Life:: Now, it’s the Showtime for what I have learnt at nitd. After a lot of contemplation, I managed my way into some small software firm and its not typical. Finally, crawled into a place I longed to be in. This ain’t fun for long and looking to concatenate my name with M.S / Ph.D. The thing I learned is whenever curtain calls; you should be ready in best of your soles.

Don't you wonder that I missed something in whole discussion? Yes exactly, our seniors, juniors [you] and Andhra Family. Seniors are more of friends. And you guys, made us feel important many a times. Andhra Family, weird kind of community, our seniors fixed the nuts and bolts for a joyride while one’s time @nitd. It is basically a lot of fun condensed to a word and its activities being treating, welcoming stuff [in fact lot more than that]. And the entry is free!!! nope it comes with a price tag bros, a whole semester of being recreated. Take my word, it’s a cult fun. Its basically difficult and different to pen down stuff we had @nitd and that’s only can be experienced. One more batch lined up to be out. So for those, welcome to the world of responsibilities and a reality [Job sucks]. Sometime later it’s going to boil down to the creative crust aalbal theory of Bhaddu’s wing. Anyway wish you all the best in your future endeavors [don't forget to greet us when confusion creeps in]. If you happen to be our seniors at work, better be cool with us otherwise beware I have a semester full of ragging due, just in case.

Sometimes you are a statue and sometimes you are a bird.

Feb 25, 2008

To Dear Multiscrappers and workless forwarders..

The best treatment an enemy should get ............. pranks, forwards, spam and finally multiscrap

Guys, if you really dont know what to do (Well, your company might have failed the promise, they made) and you are free, dont try to create unnecessary work. How come a rotary club provides santa-the poor woman, some money as you forward your so called confidential mail. Rate your friend!! Am I your lover? How good I am as a friend? Don't ask me such questions.... Until you ask only those questions return you good answers and once you asked them, you will no more be regarded for those stupidity eating my mail space. Silence is no more silent if you told what's it. And god lovers, please ..... Lord venkateswara punishes you, if you dont forward this.. Sure, I will forward and come and kill you then he wont punish me. And shut-up you spammers (All night LONG make love. You can be man even after you are drunk@!!!#). Sometimes, in the morning I open my mail, then all of a sudden a big colorful graphical message pops up just to say "Good Morning". Some people just dont send good morning, but add this

scroll down ...

Again Scroll down..................

Did not hear what i said?? yippee scroll down...

you fool, go and do your work

I am a geek and am most of the time boring. And I hope that doesnot encourage you to send me all the F-ed up stuff. But I always welcome funny and novel stuff. So please try demarkating stuff and then send good ones. Please please dont be stupid. Even for a real cause, if somebody asks blood, then many people turn down the mail, thinking its fake. Its done by those unnecessary forwarders. Generally, those who get mail from the desks of CEOs always say that XXX want to clean their server and checking the profile activity. May be those people dont use mail otherwise and anyway if you are not having any activity at all(other than sending these mails for keeping your account), why you created account in the first place?

Special days

Here is the valentines day messages....
Give your girl friend the best gift of all <=some photos=>
And this mail even goes to girls in the list :)
> See this person doesnot know me at all <=i am a GEEK. Geeks doenot have girl friends, they got a life=>

And some time later Scrappers will scrap "HAPPY GANDHI VARDANTI" (don't quite aware that vardanti implies day of death. As we get holiday, it must be goodthing.)

And you start digging your mail, you will find good sentimental stuff to laugh at. The constant practice of using anatomy of body to explain life. Eyes are like two friends.... they do well together and your ass....
The gaps between fingers are there to be filled by fingers of your loved one.
Oh thanks!! you just shown me a new way to excel in my profession as a programmer. How good are they doing???

EAT vegetables because they are good for digestion
EAT Chicken because that's rich for protein
EAT rice because that's rich for carbo
EAT leafs that makes you live better
finally Fart better

So people Please forward this to those who forward stuff :) ..............

Feb 20, 2008

Dealing the undefined...

There are lot of tings in our life which are undefined. Like what you want to become or Am I happy with me? And of course some happy people who never thinks about themselves :). Important thing one need to know is not where infinity ends. One can live happily by knowing the detail of infinity.

infinity * infinity =infinity

Some people end up their life in tracking down the first infinity without making their way to the right hand side of the =ion. So whenever one cannot define a thing, one needs to go about the detail of the undefined.

Many people posted in forums about the future of prospective students going for MS in USA. I want to make my point clear in my blog. Here, the future of a graduate is undefined or unknown. Let me apply my rule from leisure. Let my future as a undergraduate is undefined. Future with extra degree in hand definitely will be more good(optimism)/less bad(pessimism) than the just undefined.

I feel that higher education always comes with improvement of productivity. If one think that more productive people cannot stand off the strong cross wind, how can one less productive is expected to handle it. In one forest dog may be a king, as there is no powerful animal than dog in there. But why anybody thinks of becoming weaker while evolving as a lion. Why I am giving a lot of thinking here is I dont want my past to pop up one day and say "Hi venkat you are no more competent"So lets go hunting.............

Feb 17, 2008

Little Doggish....

You have to know that Bangalore is all about dogs, traffic and mostly importantly software engineers. In my early days over here, I was amazed to find that dogs do rules some territories. After 11:00 in night when i have to go, dog data of that street is more important than any other possible threat. Sometimes it is completely annoying whereas sometimes I find it amusing. Moreover, I am not a kind of Tarzaan to have a way with animals ( dogs in this context). So I fear a little. One of those days I got caught up in seemingly a rock and roll party of dogs. But, in no time I realized that as a gang pang of dogs. If I am alive today, that's all grace of gods. It was late night and I admit that I am foolish enough to go into that street. In the far end I found these ten dogs negotiatiing wildly. I just thought they are having some drunken talk over their girlfriends. I felt the my conflicting inner voices are conflicting about my stand to face them. One told me to run like hell and the other told to face them like hero (It intends me to catch them one by one and throw them apart). But it thought its not possible to a south indian celerbrity in those unbelievable movies. These thoughts seemed to provide me with some help. But they started fighting in my brain leaving no space to think anything. I found my pulse touching the ceiling. As I am approaching, that petty fight sparked up with fierceful hellish noises. And I am completely done with my pleasant walk. Literally, they surrounded me. (May be they want a vent to discharge their anger) I am not moving a little. Then A big dog, may be the dogster (like gangster and its has definitely got some visible features of old fashioned villains, with all spots and rough face), came over me. Smelled me for little while and silently backed off. I thought that it is a way to check me whether I am safe for them without weaponry. I thought of saying them that its the month end and I have no enough money to feed muself well. So I cant even think of buying something to hurt you. May be they read my face. Then after sometime, they started talking to each other and agoin engaged in a fight. I slowly escaped from that scene while they are busy fighting. Guys, I tell you that's damn experience with dogs. I dont know why bluecross or whatever hates mankind rather than offering animals a care. Then back in the scene, that dag acted much better than human being. May be some day when I got enough to make a movie, I will give that dogster a hero role. I am sure that It will act upto my expectations.